The Early Years

In 1960, our founder Natvarlal UmedramKachiwala started his business of weaving lace & trims. He first started with handlooms and designed a unique range of trimmings.

Little did he know that his business would take hold for generations to come. With his sons, Dhansukhlal and Kantilal, he grew a small manufacturing unit into a legacy of 64 years!

The Growth Years

Since its inception, Lami is known for its innovative concepts and designs. To uphold their high standards, meet the rising demands and keep pace with modernisation, Dhansukhlal and Kantilal set up the first power looms.

They worked tirelessly to advance their quality standards and diversify their range of products. As the patriarchs, they set the bar and led the company into a new era.

Over their tenure of 50+ years, they took Lami from being a well-known lace manufacturer to a distinguished brand. But their crowning achievement was seeing their sons continue the growing legacy!

The Lami Legacy continues…

Their sons were the 3rd generation Kachiwalas entering the business in the early 2000s.

Jignesh, Sandeep, Ravi, Jatin and Brijesh handle different departments, namely, design, manufacturing, marketing and sales.

Being masters of their trade, the Kachiwala brothers took Lami to newer heights and rendered the new name – LAMI International.

They adopted sophisticated computerisation in the lace manufacturing process, and channeled finer techniques of weaving to perfection.

An in-house creation center for designs was also set up, supported by:

  • Efficient & personalized marketing attention.
  • Timely delivery
  • Impeccable quality control.

Today, LAMI International holds a dedicated global clientele, in 4+ continents and 20+ countries.

In this ever-evolving world of textiles, LAMI International has successfully carved a market for itself, with impeccable quality standards, ethical business practices and long-standing relationships with consumers.

Our Lace-making Process

Our manufacturing process involves a variety of looms. From traditional jacquard, and shuttle looms to high-speed shuttleless looms, yarn preparation machines & ultra-modern packaging machines.

With an array of techniques through years of experience, we now hold 10000+ designs and retain huge stocks that enable us to process orders quickly.

We take pride in our customisation process, thanks to several generations of experience and know-how.

Our Laces

LAMI Trimming consists of a variety of dyed yarns in viscose, cotton, jari, metallic yarns & blended yarns.

Ribbons & Trimmings from LAMI vary in width from 1/8 of an inch to 10 inches. It includes various designs & colourways to choose from.

In addition to this, our products are acknowledged for their points like easy to use, high quality, and long life.

We ensure our designs are versatile making them widely used in:

  • Hi-fashion garments: Sarees, Dresses, Scarves.
  • Accessories: Jackets Belts, Handbags
  • Home Decor: Bed Spreads, Pillow Covers, Household Linen, handicrafts
  • Gifting: Wrapping, Hobbies and Crafts and a variety of decorative end uses.